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October 16, 2019

Downers Grove Fresh 48 Session | Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Photographer

Downers Grove Fresh 48 Session

When he was only your baby.

Thirteen hours into the world is when I met this beautiful, bright-eyed, head-full-of hair baby boy. He was as ‘new’ as any newborn could be. He was magical, in the same way every brand new baby is, but the calmness of the day paired with his parents adoration for his squirms is what really highlights this session for me.

On that gorgeous morning at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove the windows beamed with warm energy.  The sun bounced off the walls, and gleamed through that little clear box that acted as his shelter those first dozen hours. He preferred the warmth of his parents’ arms, but the crystal-clear box helped with his mom’s exhaustion, and made for a pretty incredible back drop. 

He didn’t have a name when my lens met his delicate hands and his barely touched skin. But the sun radiating that room, with the quiet confidence his parents had for their beautiful boy was all the title anyone would ever need.

Fresh 48 sessions are becoming increasingly popular, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. As a mother of three, and a family photographer, watching all of my returning clients’ families expand and age is one of my very favorite things. Watching these families and helping them illuminate their lives, is one of the most fulfilling things I could have ever imagined myself doing.  But there is something different about the first two days of a baby’s life.

…but there is something different about the first two days of a baby’s life. 

This is the quiet time. The moments of relief that the delivery went well, and those extra few hours of reassurance. It’s a very personal time, very private. Those few dozen hours where Mom, Dad and a brand new beautiful boy, can just BE. No poses, or outfit ideas are necessary. Because these 48 hours are most magical, when left alone. 

The sun, a 13 hour old baby boy, and the gratefulness of his parents’ are the only three things you need to guide a session like this. And looking at these stunning images really reminds you to take pause every once in awhile, so that your breath can be taken away by the effortless. We worry about what to take the baby home in, or what bed sheets would match the light gray walls we wrestled over choosing. Spend months picking out the perfect crib, and have Christmas card ideas swirling in our heads the moment the weather changes. But when you watch an hours old baby yawn for the first time, you realize quickly where the enchantment comes from.  

Because the magic is your beautiful boy. It always will be. 

Thank you for the heart swells, and wonderful morning, Baby B. It really was, a joy.

xx ~L

Fresh 48 hospital session in Downers Grove Illinois
Downers Grove Fresh 48 session
Downers Grove hospital session
fresh 48 hospital session dad in baseball cap holding his baby boy for the first time
baby boy smiling and noticing his dimple for the first time
newborn baby boy's feet with hospital bracelet
Downers Grove Fresh 48 session with Laurie Baker
baby boy in clean hospital bassinet
Fresh 48 session at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove
mom and dad look at their newborn baby during fresh 48 session
black and white image of mother stroking her baby's head and dad holding his hand
parents look at their baby boy during hospital session
Chicago's best newborn photographer captures beautiful image of mother holding her baby
a peek inside of a hospital room where mom and dad are gazing at their newborn baby boy

Good Samaritan Hospital Photographer

Good Samaritan Hospital, located in Downers Grove, Illinois had the most welcoming staff and nurses on the floor. As you walk through the hallways a sweet lullaby comes through the ceiling speakers to notify you when a baby has been born. During my short visit I head this sweet song three times and it made me smile every time.

I truly would be an honor to be chosen to document this amazing time and it would be a pleasure to tell your story.

Servicing most hospitals in the Southwest Suburbs!

Not only do I services Downers Grove Fresh 48 sessions I work at all of the southwest suburban hospitals! Are you interested in scheduling a Fresh 48 session or would you like to schedule a phone call to chat about details? I would LOVE to hear from you! Simply fill out the CONTACT form and I’ll be in touch!

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