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September 20, 2019

Authentic Newborn Photography | Homer Glen Photography Studio

Authentic Newborn Photography | The first 500 hours

The first 21 days of your baby’s life is such a whirlwind. Everyone talks about how exhausted you are during that period, but they don’t ever touch on why. Those days are filled with overwhelming joy, and the same amount of worry.

Each day, your baby will push the boundaries of their own physicality. Every stretch, every whimper, every cry is your baby learning how to live ‘on the outside’. These 500 hours of their life, is the biggest transition of their lifetime. And as their brand new skin, peels off, they are learning how to develop a tougher one, a different one, one completely protected by love.

These 500 hours of their life, is the biggest transition of their lifetime.

This tiny stretch of time, is a little terrifying. Each move they make, and pitch the discover, sends us into a state of concentration. We are so hyper focused on making sure we are reading their cues correctly, that we miss the magnificence in it all. The silkiness of their hair, the way they sooth themselves by involuntarily suckling at whatever their lips can find. And as they explore their new planet, know that the only thing that will steady their body temperature and ease their instincts, is your skin against their 7lb form.

As you watch them teach themselves how to rhythmize their sweet exhales, you will watch the same happen with yours. This is the biggest transition in their life, but its also the one that now defines who you are. Whether you are a new mom, or a veteran. Each new set of stretches and breaths will permanently change who you are. And although you are watching them blossom at a breathtaking rate, the world is watching you do the same.

So, as they find their sight, and coo you back to comfort, remember that this period of time, is the most natural it could possibly be. This is why you are so exhausted. Its why you are so happy. Its why you are so emotional. It’s why you are so worried.

You were born for it. You were meant to protect this miracle. You were meant to teach this miracle. And no matter how you got this miracle, they are yours. And out of all of the things they need, you are the only one that matters.

Authentic, simple, absolutely innate- love.

Photographing families during this time has been one of the greatest privileges of my career. Almost every family walks in with the same quiet and gentle demeanor. They all have stories of exhaustion, or timeless tales that are no doubt written in a baby book in a closet; and although every story is different, the demeanor is the same. Authentic, simple, absolutely innate- love.

While you are doing your best to decipher their language, and trying your hardest to keep all the other parts of your life moving; don’t lose sight of the enchantment you are living through. Do what you can to remember this; it only happens once.

It was a pleasure watching you navigate your new world, P. You are magic and a world of possibility.

xx, Laurie

authentic newborn photography
newborn stretching out during authentic newborn photography session
simple and natural newborn photography session

Learn more about newborn photography sessions

Whether you are a client or aspiring newborn photographer I would LOVE to chat with you about a newborn session or mentoring.

The best time to schedule your maternity and newborn session would be during your second trimester. At this time, you are feeling your best while pregnant and your belly is starting to show.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, simply contact me today to start the reservation process!

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