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September 20, 2019

Storytelling Through Family Photography

Storytelling through family photography

I am sure the afternoon before this session started like any other. Mom and dad packing all of the essentials for their family session, hurrying out the door to beat traffic and arrive on time so they didn’t miss that sunset glow, and chatting about how sweet their little girls look in those matching dresses hoping that the other didn’t forget the baby’s shoes.

But amidst all the chaos I wonder if there was something that struck. 

But amidst all the chaos I wonder if there was something that struck. 

Did little Rosie grab baby Vivi’s hand and guide her to the door?  Or maybe she consoled her when she was getting antsy and mom was packing the diaper bag. Maybe for a moment, Dad caught her distributing some of the affection that they’ve been pouring into her since the day she was born. 

These kind of miraculous every day encounters happen constantly. But on days like this, when time lines are tight and appearances ‘matter’, we tend to ping the moments that remind us of why it’s all worth it.

Watching these two girls and their parents interact is always such a joy. The ease and innate way their parents knew what made them tick is what parenting books are written about. They knew when they needed to be distracted, or when they may have needed a break. But more than that, they knew when it was time to just enjoy their two sweet girls, the sunlight radiating off of their golden hair, and the endless laughter that boomeranged off of the four of them. 

I have been photographing this gorgeous family for years now and one of my favorite things that they have reminded me is: pictures are not just visuals; each bundle, of each year has a different story. Because changing locations last minute to a yellow flowered field, just to meet Vivi and Rosie with daisy covered dresses on wasn’t the most magical part of this day; it was recognizing how important these moments meant to this family. And how committed they are to preserving them. 

Pictures are not just visuals; each bundle, of each year has a different story

Every ounce of this session was out of a fairytale book. The sunlight, the golden under tones and the happiness of nature that we found in that field of flowers.  These tiny souls who interact with the rest of the world as if everyone in it has been loved as fiercely as they have. 

The giggles, the bug finds, and little girl twirls is enough story line to remind you of how magical the simple stuff is. An empty field filled with flowers, sisters, Mom and Dad is all the filter you’ll ever need.  It was a pleasure telling your story, V&R; thank you for reminding us of the beauty in the effortless.

xx, Laurie


A note to clients and blog readers. Storytelling through family photography is always something I strive for with every session. As you scroll through these images, imagine this session as you would if you were flipping through an album. The small moments captured are the words and pages to the story.

storytelling through family photography
storytelling through family photographs
little girls smelling yellow flowers during a story like photo session
little girl kissing her sister
little girls picking yellow wildflowers
yellow flowers frame this image of little girls
sisters kissing one another during storytelling family photography session
little girl running towards yellow flower field
little girls holding hands and running in white dresses
blonde girls twirling during storytelling family photography session
girls dancing
parents and little girls taking a walk
little girl pulling her mom
little girls running towards me during session
little girl laughing
baby girl laughing
little girl with long blonde hair twirling
little girl with hair bow smelling flowers
toddler girl playing in yellow flowers
little girl putting her headband on
little girl wearing a white dress with yellow flowers in a field of yellow flowers
family of four during family session with Elle Baker Photography
baby girl kissing dad during family session
family of four playing in an open field
baby girl cuddling with father
little girl kissing her dad
sisters cuddling
little girls kissing
little girls cuddling
mom telling a story to daughter while she twirls her hair
little girl playing with her hair
family of four cuddling
dad holding daughter during storytelling photography session
girl running to her mom
mom holding little girl
little girl toddling through field of yellow flowers
girl running with daisy

Special visitor

This lovely family has a very close nanny, who has played an integral part of the girls lives. She accompanied them to this family session to help with the kids and play with them. It was so wonderful to see the connection between them all and I love when special members of the family come along for the session.

girls running with nanny in a photo

2019 Fall Session Availability

Sunset season is in full swing and I am shooting almost six days a week during September and October. Although my weekends are completely booked for the rest of 2019, I have opened three more mini sessions for next month if you are interested. Simply CONTACT me today to find out additional details!

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