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December 18, 2017

Storytelling through newborn photography

Newborn photography

When I first began my journey as a newborn photographer I found myself caught up in the session, trying to perfect each image and pose.  I over analyzed every photo, thinking, what could I have done differently to have made this shot that much better.  I have learned over time to step back during the session itself and focus on the newborn baby in front of me.  I walk into every session with an urge to capture the details that make each newborn so unique and to let go of being a perfectionist.  I have embraced raw and authentic newborn photography and am excited to share my work with the world.

Storytelling through newborn photography

A few years ago, I would never have posed a newborn with a pacifier, let alone photographed the image I am presenting below.  But looking at it from a different perspective I see so much beauty and a story within that image.

This baby relied on his pacifier to help sooth him back to sleep.  Had we not incorporated this pacifier into the session, we might not have been able to capture all of the beautiful images that I photographed throughout our session.  It helped him fall into a deep sleep and I was able to gently pose him and ended up with the most amazing gallery.

The story that I see when I look at this image, is that of a content baby boy who is sleeping peacefully.  He has a nook that looks so large next to his tiny face.  I see beautiful light, a gorgeous set up, and a precious baby.

Storytelling through newborn photography , Photo by Elle Baker Photography, newborn in white wrap sucking on pacifier


How to book your newborn photography session

I would love to have you visit my natural light photography studio in Homer Glen, IL for your maternity and newborn session.  My studio is conveniently located not far from Chicago and is fully equipped with newborn gear.

Fellow photographers, I am currently renting out my space on my off days and you can read more about my studio share options here.  I am currently booking January through April 2018 sessions.  Simply fill out the contact form and I will be in touch soon.  Storytelling through newborn photography.

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