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September 4, 2019

How on Earth Did We Get Here? | First Birthday Photo Shoot

How on Earth Did We get Here?

Time has been embedded in our brains like a scale that we’ve inherited. It is inevitable, and it never dulls. But still, I don’t give it enough thought. Thinking back on when time was first scaled, I can’t help but think that one of our ancestors took the rapid and astonishing growth of our babies as one of their main points of mark. 

12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,760 hours

I remember reading books telling me what to expect from my new bundle of baby when they were six weeks, or what they should be mastering by month four. And I remember racking my brain with trying to gage and stay on top of milestones that I could help with. It’s a strange and magical time in which we all think, “I hope they are on track” and then when we all get to the 12 month mark we say,”How on EARTH did we get HERE?!”

Every mother before us reminds us that it goes by quickly, and we nod and agree. But it isn’t until that moment where you realize you no longer have an infant, but a bright-eyed curious toddler, that you take a breath and wonder where all of those thousands of hours have gone.

This is when people stop asking, “how old is your baby?” and start asking, “how old is your boy?” 

Their chubby feet are still finding their roots and as they bounce each step off of the floor, they inch a little further away from needing the security of your hand as their stability. And we cheer for it! We want so badly for our perfect little bundles to run full speed into the world, knowing that we will always be there to catch them. And as they run full speed ahead, you will be sure to be faced with some obstacles: Scratched knees, sun burn, boundary pushing, temper tantrums, and refusal to eat anything with nutrients are a few that come to mind. 

And as you are running around checking every single box to ensure that your wobbly boy finds his stride; I beg you, remember to keep yours. 


Remember the smell of his head after a bath, and the heat of his body when you are carrying him to the car after a day at the beach. Keep the way he mispronounces “I love you” somewhere close so you can summon in it on a hard day. When he wants to play Dinosaurs as he jumps on the bed, remember his unfiltered joy, and how there isn’t a single other thing on that planet, that demonstrates living in the moment more than that. 

You will pour everything you have into these sweet souls, and you owe it yourself to keep these mystical moments close. Keep them safe. Because as the palms of his feet flatten and the chubbiness of his cheeks shrink, the only thing you’ll have are these moments. Pillow fights, first steps, bad haircuts, and “I luhyews, mama” will only be in your memories. They will always be your very favorite stories, make sure you can show him too.  You can’t stop time, but you owe it to yourself, to cherish it.

Check out this adorable first birthday photo shoot below or his six month milestone session!

a sample photo from baby's first year plan
baby giggling and tickled on a bed
mom playing with baby during baby's first year plan session
baby's first year plan offers adorable milestone sessions
baby boy with blue eyes at his first birthday photo shoot
adorable baby boy with cute haircut
giggling baby boy on bed with gray linen bedding
baby boy wearing a simple white onsie during his first birthday photo shoot
clothing ideas for baby's first year plan
smiling baby boy
smiling baby with cute brown hair and white onsie
baby boy rolling on a bed during first birthday photo shoot
baby boy scooting off of a bed
little baby sitting on white studio during baby's first year plan session
baby boy playing with a stuffed animal toy
baby boy eating a plush toy
baby boy reaching for camera during baby's first year plan session
baby boy sitting on a chair during session
detail photo of baby boy's feet
cute baby sitting on white chair in a neutral and white studio
Elle Baker Photography captures a baby boy on a white chair
baby boy making duck lips during session
baby climbing down off of a chair
baby boy relaxing on a chair
baby boy detail photo of his cute hands
baby's first year photo shoot
cute milestone session for baby's first birthday
baby boy smiling during his first birthday session
baby boy pushing a stool during photo shoot
baby boy moving around studio
baby boy smiling in white studio
Laurie captures baby boy sitting on stool first birthday photo shoot

Let their be cake!

Jack LOVED his cake smash during his first birthday photo shoot! Mom brought in the most adorable cupcake for him to enjoy during our session. Cake smash sessions have become very popular over the years and I always love seeing these sweet babies dig in!

baby boy eating cupcake during cake smash photo shoot
baby eating cake during first birthday photo shoot
baby boy during cake smash at Homer Glen studio
first birthday cake smash session
baby boy squishing cake during first birthday photo shoot
baby boy cake smash
cake smash session with baby boy during first birthday photo shoot
mom feeding baby boy during cake smash
cake smash session during first birthday photo shoot
first birthday photo shoot with baby boy

All Cleaned up and ready to snuggle!

mom and baby boy cuddling on bed
first birthday photo shoot showing mom and baby photos
motherhood photo shoot with baby and mom
mom cuddling and kissing baby boy
mom and baby boy cuddling and smiling during first birthday photo shoot

First Birthday Photo Shoot!

I had the pleasure of photographing Jack’s first birthday photo shoot and I can’t believe how quickly it passed by! I documented his first few days during his newborn session, his sweet six month milestone, and his twelve month birthday session. With each session, I saw this beautiful baby boy grow into an adorable toddling boy. It’s always bitter sweet at the end of baby’s first year but I can’t wait to document Jack for years to come.

Interested in learning about EBP’s Baby’s First Year Plan ?

It would be an absolute HONOR to capture your baby’s first year. I offer a lovely baby’s first year plan that will give you discounted sessions throughout the first year of your babies life, documenting little milestones and details you don’t want to forget! Contact me today to chat !

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