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December 13, 2019

Homer Glen Pregnancy Photographer | Modern Maternity Photography

Modern Maternity Photography

Most women that reserve a session during their pregnancy come in with grace and gratitude for their changing bodies. They embrace their beautiful growing belly and the confidence is an incredible thing to see first hand. I photograph women from 12 weeks along to 40 weeks and there is something so magical that happens at each and every modern maternity photography session.

I recently had a session with Sam. She was confident and showed love and care to her body and she had an appreciation for the transformation that was happening. It was so lovely to see and be apart of documenting this fleeting time.

I believe the relationship you have with your body plays a huge part of a healthy and happy pregnancy. Honor all of the changes in your body. Love and accept all of the changes that will happen while you carry, give birth, and possibly breastfeed your baby. You are creating an amazing little human.

Take a peek into Sam’s beautiful pregnancy session. She was a dream to work with and I had the best time getting to know her.

modern maternity photography session with Elle Baker Photography
bare belly during pregnancy photo shoot
woman in a black bra set during her maternity photo session
woman sitting on a bed during her modern pregnancy photo session
woman at Homer Glen photography studio during her pregnancy session
modern pregnancy photo session

When should I book my maternity photo session?

When should you reserve your modern maternity photo session? I am asked this all the time and I say ‘anytime during your pregnancy.’ I have had quite a few clients book multiple maternity sessions throughout their pregnancy. Your body changes the entire time. Month to month you will notice beautiful changes, all worth documenting. Some clients wait until closer to 32-34 weeks and some want to wait until the last possible minute because their belly is at full capacity and the most beautiful to them. Whichever season of time during your pregnancy you decide, I guarantee you, you will love and cherish the images for a lifetime.

If you are interested in scheduling a modern maternity photography session at my Homer Glen studio, simply fill out the contact form and I will be in touch with you soon!

Read More About The Photographer

I am an artist, a photographer, and most importantly a mother. These three things truly describe who I am.  I was drawn to the world of photography almost a decade ago and through a lot of hard work have made it my career. I am also the owner of Boudoir by Elle and shoot understated and modern boudoir photography.  Fine art photography with a minimalist style and use neutral tones and textures to create emotive imagery inspire me. 

My most FAVORITE job title is that of ‘mommy’. I have three amazing kids that follow me around daily giving me lots of love and make me laugh constantly.  They are my inspiration for everything that I do and I thank my lucky stars every day that they were gifted to me. I have more to say when we meet and I would LOVE get to know you!  

What to wear to your modern pregnancy photo session?

simple black lace robe what to wear at your maternity session

This lovely kimono robe was purchased at Asos. I provide ‘what to wear’ guide to all of my clients with all of my clothing suggestions for your session. Skin tone, hair color, and complexion all play a huge part in choosing your clothing for the session. My hair and makeup stylists all collaborate on ideas before your session to make sure you look and feel the best.

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