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March 9, 2018

Chicago Family Photographers | Lifestyle Session at Home

Chicago Family Photographers

Looking for a Chicago family photographer?  I would love to hear from you!

Lifestyle Session at Home

I absolutely LOVE how this gallery turned out!  Here are my favorites from this lifestyle session and as you can see I had a hard time culling the session down!  This gorgeous home is located in Naperville, Illinois and had the most beautiful natural light.  Every room had large windows which allowed light to filter in beautifully.  I hope you enjoy this family’s gallery!  To see more of this adorable family check out this recent blog post!

Family photographer in Chicago, family of four photographed from above

Naperville family photographer photographs baby girl in peach dressexpensive photographers in Chicago

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Chicago suburbs family photographer

Chicago children photographer lifestyle session in Chicago

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Don’t you love her dress?  Check out Ele Story and their amazing line of dresses and skirts for women and girls!

little girl twirling in gold dress family walking up their stairs two little girls playing around on their bed woman in a yellow shirt cuddling with her daughter Chicago family of four playing in their bed family of four laughing and giggling funny family of four playing around on a bed in their master bedroom dad picking up toddler daughter wearing a peach dress

cute image of a dad holding his baby girl in the air dad laying with his daughter wearing a peach and gold dress baby girl clapping while laying in their bed

baby girl laying on her dad baby girl sucking her fingers while her mom holds her

family of four playing around on a bed

family of four laughing and playing on their bed mom holding daughter in her lap while dad and big sister laugh Laurie Baker captures this Chicago family playing on a bed in their master bedroom family of four playing

posing ideas of family of four

baby girl laying on moms chest little girl laughing hysterically at her mom

baby girl smiles as family all look at her family of four look at a baby girl

mom wearing a yellow shirt holds her daughters hands and helps her walk baby girl in a peach dress crawling towards the camera black and white image of a mother holding her daughters hands baby girl crawling wearing a peach and gold dress mom and daughter step down their stairs from the upstairs family session in their home with their pet dogfamily of four sitting on stairs cuddling and kissing family of four sitting on stairs smiling detail shot of baby's foot Labrador dog with family in the background photographed by Elle Baker Photography

overhead shot of family of four in their family room family of four hanging out in their family room with dog rolling around

two little girls playing with their dog in their family room during lifestyle session with Laurie Baker baby girl trying to get remote on coffee table baby girl with peach dress family of four sitting on couch two little girls lay on their family dog little girls play and lay on their Labrador dog yellow lab and baby girl baby girl lays her arm over her Labrador baby girl plays with her family dog

two girls smile with their family dog girl runs around her family dog girl in a gold dress twirls in the family room during family session baby girl petting her family dog during Chicago family session

Naperville home shows family hugging

Best baby photographer in Chicago Laurie Baker captures family of four in their family room

Family of four sit on the couch with beautiful natural light windows family of four sits on sofa in their family room Naperville family of four dad plays airplane with his baby during lifestyle session with Elle Baker Photography family of four sitting on sofa in family room during session Naperville's best baby photographer Laurie Baker captures cute baby and her mom baby girl playing with her moms hair while sucking her fingers mom cuddles with two daughters on couch

family cuddles on couch in their Naperville home boutique photographer in Chicago

little girl pours popcorn in her kitchen little girl eats popcorn

little girl eating puffs on her highchair chicago lifestyle family photographers Chicago family lifestyle

dog wagging tail while family eats

baby girl eating her popcorn little girl drops food on the floor and watches her dog eat it little girl feeds her dog

mom gets her daughter undressed and into pajamas

black and white image of mom getting baby girl dressed little girl twirls in a gold dress baby girl wears a sweet heart dress by Ele Story gold dress and a little girl natural light photographer in Chicago nursery ideas baby girl chewing on her brown wooden crib baby girl eating her crib baby girl looking over the edge of her crib baby girl looking up at her dad dad picking up his daughter out of a crib in home session with two little girls looking through books baby girl throwing her books down baby girl throwing down her books little girl running down the hall two little girls playing in a tent during lifestyle session pink tent and a baby baby girls rolling around on bed big sister kissing little sister big sister helping baby sister walk

Your home session

Lifestyle sessions are relaxed and a unique experience for clients.  It is a great way to document all of the little things around your home that you will one day forget.  Looking back at these images in 20 years, you will reminisce about decor, toys, bedroom designs, furniture, etc.  They really are very special sessions that capture your family in an authentic and real way.  I keep my sessions free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. I have the wonderful opportunity to capture photographs of a newborn and family interacting within their very first environment, their home.

What to expect

When I first arrive, I will ask for a tour of your home.  Here we will chat, go over some of the details you’d like me to capture and get to know your family.  I’ll take some test shots in each room and get familiar with your space.  At every in home session I let the babies or kids take the lead.  Most of the time the story naturally unfolds if you let them tell it!  I give direction and guidance and will ‘gently pose’ your family in the best light.  I will have you look at each other, look at your kids, and prompt you with different stories and activities.  My goal is to create an environment for connections to happen naturally.  I love to start sessions in the master bedroom and then move into the nursery and kids rooms and then main living areas.

About the artist

Laurie Baker is one of the best Chicago family photographers and offers in studio, outdoor, and in home family sessions to her clients.  She uses a lifestyle type of approach in all of her family sessions and loves showing connection and emotion in her images.  She offers in home lifestyle sessions in the southwest suburbs of Chicago including but not limited to Naperville, Frankfort, and Hinsdale.  Contact her today to book your session!

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