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April 30, 2019

Newborn Mini Session | Homer Glen Studio

Newborn Mini Session

Sleeping. Simple. Stunning. 

When working with newborns, these are the exact words you hope to use when describing the shoot. Her perfect little hands and the brand new wrinkles on the palms of her feet, guided my way through this shoot. It wasn’t just her strawberry blonde tones that bounced off the blush garments; it was the sun shining through the windows, and the incessant magic that radiates from a new-to-the-world baby girl. 

Clare came in for a newborn mini session This type of shoot is perfect for those that may have done a fresh 48 hospital session with me, or those that want a smaller gallery of photos to add to an album or wall gallery. These mini sessions typically runs around 30 minutes, and the focus is completely on your newest baby. I typically use one wrap and blanket setup, and try to capture baby in her most natural poses. The room is warm; and soft sounds accompanied by sunlight become the ambience of the day.

I’d like to say all of my shoots with ones this tiny are this easy, but truthfully, not many baby’s arrive at my studio peacefully sleeping, and leave in that exact state.  Whether your baby arrives sleeping or awake we will proceed to capture the most beautiful images of your sweet baby. Clare stayed sleeping the entire length of the session and allowed me to document every detail that makes her so incredibly special.

Thanks for all of your effortless grace, Clare- it truly was a dream.



baby girl on rose colored blanket
newborn mini session with baby girl
detail photograph of a newborn baby's hand
newborn infant laying on a blush colored blanket during newborn mini session
close up photo of newborn girl with strawberry blonde hair
baby on a dusty pink blanket wrapped in a matching wrap
detail photo of a baby's foot during newborn photography session
simple photo of baby's head laying on a dusty pink blanket
ten day old baby girl wrapped in a neutral blanket sleeping
baby girl sleeping during newborn session
close up of baby girls face during newborn session

Mini Session Details

The first few days after your baby is born are truly extraordinary. Mothers experience a whirlwind of emotions.  You are recovering from giving birth yet so overjoyed by the experience of bringing a new life into the world.  Preparing for the big delivery day, you tell yourself that you are going to cherish every moment, yet it almost seems impossible to remember the details when looking back. Allow me to capture your newborn session whether it be a mini or full session. I will document every detail for you and present a beautiful gallery of images.

Mini newborn sessions are quickly becoming some of my most popular shoots. I added this option onto my list of packages almost a year ago and I have had such a positive response from clients! Families with multiple children or those looking for a smaller gallery love these sessions. Mini sessions include 8 digital files and a shorter session at my Homer Glen studio.

Book Your Due Date Today

Our babies start so gentile and fragile, only to grow into the smiley chubby babe’s we all remember. During those first few weeks, they change quicker than they ever will. On top of taking care of your new beautiful blessing, you have to find time to take care of yourself, and that, my friends, leaves very little time for you to snap some memorable pictures. This time for some, may be the most difficult, but it can also be the sweetest. I’d love you help you preserve it.  Simply fill out the ‘CONTACT FORM’ to start the process.

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