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November 5, 2019

Laugh it off | Family Photographer in New Lenox

Family Photographer In New Lenox

About thirty minutes into this session as mom is juggling one kid on her back and one in her lap, while squatting in a clump of tall grasses she says ‘I’m sweating and I didn’t know this was going to be a workout… I should have worn my Fitbit’.

‘I’m sweating and I didn’t know this was going to be a workout… I should have worn my Fitbit’

I honestly have never laughed so much during a session. I am still laughing as I am adding these images to this blog post! Both parents were relaxed and having fun during this family session which lightened the mood and made for such a good time.

Laugh it off and have fun!

Relaxed and fun family sessions are always my favorite and it’s a guaranteed positive experience when parents can laugh off some of the little things that go wrong at a session. This little girl in the photos below accidentally fell in the mud and instead of stressing about her muddy tights, both parents made light of the situation and had fun with it. This helped the focus of the session stay on the connection between them rather then muddy clothes and shoes.

I absolutely LOVE working with this New Lenox neighbor of mine. Meet the B family! They are a sweet group of four and are always a good time when we get together. I LOVE being a family photographer in New Lenox and work with some amazing people! Take a peek at just a few of my favorites from the session.

New Lenox Family Photographer captures family of four
family of four playing tug of war with one another
family of four running in a field together
family of four pointing and playing a game during family session
little girl laughs during her New Lenox family photography session
Little boy smells yellow flowers during family session
little girl laughs while dad teases her nose
little boy laughs and plays with his sister during family fall session with Elle Baker Photography
having fun at this family session in New Lenox
Little boy is carried by his dad
Dad carries his daughter during a family photo session
Dad snuggles with baby girl during session
dad holds baby girl during family session near New Lenox
little boy runs into the arms of his mother during family session
little boy drags his little sister in the mud while playing
big brother wipes off his sisters hands during family session
New Lenox Family Photographer captures family of four running and playing
little girl in peach dress runs around a field
little boy holds his sisters hand and takes a walk during family session in Mokena, IL
little girl laughs with tights and dress covered in mud during New Lenox family session
mom carries daughter while laughing because she is covered in mud
little girl laughs
mom carries little girl covered in mud during family session
family session during fall in Chicago
mom walks daughter out of field

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Book A Family Session?

In the last few years I have been recommending to families that the best time of year to book your outdoor family session to be mid May through the second week of October. Any earlier and the fields are still brown and crispy and any later into October it is pretty rainy and we get cooler temperatures.

My family session ‘scheduling block’ opens in February! Follow me on social media to be the first to find out events and scheduling updates! Interested in booking now? Simply CONTACT me today to start the process!

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