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July 24, 2019

Favorite Developmental Toys for 6 month olds

Favorite Developmental Toys

By this time your little one is starting to sit independently! If baby is still needing a little core strength, try putting a few of her favorite toys in front of her and have her reach for them. This will help strengthen their trunk and back muscles !

Some of my most favorite developmental toys for baby’s this age are teething toys, rattles, soft toys that make noise, stackable toys, and easy to hold balls. Jill Olszta, a pediatric therapy specialist from Beyond Speech Therapy shares their list of the best baby toys below!

During this session, I chose a neutral toned teether by Natursutten. Babies absolutely LOVE this teether as it is soft for their little gums and easy to hold with the circle cut-out. This darling baby came in for her 6 month milestone session. Take a peek at this adorable session. To see more of this darling baby, click HERE.

baby chewing on a teether, favorite developmental toys
baby girl sitting on the floor chewing on a baby teether
overhead photo of a baby girl with dark hair
Elle Baker Photography shares her favorite developmental toys
favorite developmental toys
baby girl chewing a teether toy
sitter session with a six month old baby girl chewing on a teether

Professionals recommend these toys for babies 6 – 9 months old!

Pediatric therapy specialist, Jill Olszta with Beyond Speech Therapy states that “Children at the age of 6 months benefit from interactive and narrated play with changes in vocal intonation from their caregiver. Having your child on their tummy or in a supported sit position reaching left, right, and to midline is optimal! Some of our favorite toy recommendations include…”

  1. play mats
  2. mirrors
  3. ring stack toys
  4. shape sorters
  5. stacking blocks

Photographing baby’s milestones

My recommendations for photographing baby’s milestones are at

  • 4 months (or when they are pushing up on their tummies)
  • 6-7 months (or sitting completely unsupported
  • 9 months (or when they are crawling and pulling themselves up on chairs)
  • 12 months (or when they are taking those first steps).

I offer a wonderful baby collective including all four of these milestone sessions at my Homer Glen, IL studio. Sessions are fun and relaxed and a great way to capture all of those sweet details you never want to forget. Interested in booking a session? CLICK HERE to get started!

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