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October 24, 2017

Her whole world in the palm of her hands | Chicago Motherhood and Newborn Photography

Motherhood and Newborn Photography

She has her whole world in the palm of her hands.  This gorgeous new mother came in for her motherhood and newborn session.  Her sweet boy was perfect in every way and I adored how much she loved holding him throughout the session.  I enjoy motherhood and newborn photography so much and I believe every mom should be documented during this spectacular time.

New mom holding baby in natural light studio photo taken by Elle Baker Photography Chicago Motherhood and Newborn Photography

I am oftentimes told by new moms that they don’t feel like themselves and would prefer to not be included in the session, but I can assure you that looking back at these images you will appreciate being photographed and holding your new baby.  This is the only time your baby will fit in the palm of your hand.  These moments are fleeting and sometimes a daze for new parents.  Between the sleepless nights and countless feedings throughout the day, it is easy to forget the special details.  I am here to capture those incredible moments for you.

New mom holding baby in natural light studio photo taken by Elle Baker Photography Chicago Motherhood and Newborn Photography

After watching my own babies grow so incredibly fast, my passion for capturing motherhood and newborn photography grew and grew.  I knew I wanted to give you, the new parents, the opportunity to be photographed and to remember ALL of the little details of your special baby.

Tips on how to prepare for your newborn session

  • Try to keep baby awake as much as possible on the morning of the session.  This will ensure for a ‘sleepy baby session’ and allow us to easily accomplish baby led posing throughout the session.  A simple way to keep them awake is by giving them a warm bath an hour before you leave.
  • Bring a pacifier and extra bottles for feeding.  Sometimes it is necessary for baby to self sooth and a quick feeding while still ‘posed’ on the bean bag during a session.  It is much easier to keep babe in place on the bean bag and offer a quick paci or bottle to help sooth them back to sleep rather than handing them off and risk them waking up again.
  • Relax on the couch and enjoy the session!  This is a wonderful experience to watch your new baby being photographed, and I encourage you to not stress, sit down next to me and babe, and just enjoy the whole process.

Studio news

I would LOVE to work with you and capture your beautiful family.  I am now scheduling January through April 2018 motherhood, newborn, baby milestone, and studio family sessions.  To BOOK YOUR SESSION simply fill out the contact form and I will be in touch soon.  You can view my newborn portrait collections on my INVESTMENT and choose from mini session or full session packages.  

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