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October 26, 2018

Chicago Child and Family Photographer | Family Session Tips

Chicago child and family photographer

In addition to newborn sessions, I also am a Chicago child and family photographer.  I love capturing the essence of childhood through candid lifestyle photography.  Throughout our session, I will ask parents to just take a step back and watch their children play.  We go on nature walks, look for insects, point at airplanes, run around, and just let kids be kids.  Below are just a few tips for planning a successful family session!

Chicago child and family photographer Child and family photographer in Chicago Family photographer in Chicago

What NOT to do at your family session

  1.  Don’t stress.  I know this is so hard for some parents.  I have worked with hundreds of children over the years and I can assure you I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help the session move along smoothly.  Trust the process and I promise you I am noticing a lot of special moments in between the hustle.
  2.  Try really hard NOT to bribe your kids with candy.  Tempting, I know, this actually distracts them so much and after promising a piece of candy for the tenth time and not receiving it, they stop believing you.  I oftentimes bribe with tickle wars,  nature hunts, and finding insects.
  3.  Parents, ENJOY the session.  Believe it or not the session itself can be a wonderful family activity.  For MOST this is a fun and playful day at the forest preserve!  If you let go of perfection and let loose, you’ll look back at these images with a happy and positive heart.
  4. Don’t overthink outfits.  What should we wear is by far the most commonly asked question.  I recommend dressing mama first and then follow with finding outfits for your partner/ husband and the kids.  Neutral tones, light and airy colors including tan, gray, ivory are best.
  5. Arrive at your session ten minutes early to use the restroom, get changed, wipe faces and booger noses, and comb hair.  This always helps start off the session relaxed and you’ll feel a lot more prepared rather than showing up and heading straight into photos!


Interested in booking a session?

Laurie Baker is a Chicago child and family photographer.  She offers lifestyle inspired mini and full session options.  To see more of her lifestyle family sessions click HERE.  If you are interested in booking a session CONTACT her today to get on her 2019 calendar!

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