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July 25, 2017

Chicago Boudoir Photographer | Homer Glen, IL Studio | Tips for self love

I recently published a “25 days of self love” blog post on my Boudoir by Elle website and I just felt that ALL women should consider trying this list of 25 tips so I am using this platform to reach more like minded women!

Someone recently posted in one of my health and fitness social media groups that they are looking for ways to improve and destress their day.  I immediately started rattling off ideas and decided that I need to share those ideas with you too!  I encourage every single woman (and man) to allow your bodies, minds, and souls to just be at peace and take a load off every now and again.

Twenty-five Days of Self Love

  1. Share something you are proud of today
  2. Start a journal
  3. Exercise
  4. Start something new
  5. Take a long deep breath
  6. Do nothing (yes!)
  7. Make a list of your accomplishments
  8. Drink more water
  9. Tell yourself what you like about yourself
  10. Make yourself your favorite dish
  11. Get outside
  12. Declutter
  13. Treat yourself
  14. Plan a dream vacation
  15. Go for a walk
  16. Buy a coffee for a stranger
  17. Be creative
  18. Create a goal board
  19. Write 5 things down that make you happy
  20. Turn your phone off (Yes yes yes!)
  21. Call an old friend 
  22. Stretch
  23. Learn something new
  24. Make a healthy dish
  25. Schedule a beauty boudoir session ((with me ha! ))  Visit Boudoir By Elle to learn more!

Laurie Baker is a Chicago boudoir photographer

What health and fitness group do you run?

After years of shooting boudoir photography I have learned that self confidence, self love, and self improvement are key factors to live a happy life.  Through our healthy living group and my photography I want women to do some soul searching and be the best version of themselves that they can be.

A lot of you don’t know but my sister and I are health and fitness coaches.  We LOVE helping women achieve their goals through accountability groups we offer monthly. We have a social media page called Erica and Laurie’s Fitness Page . We post daily with inspirational messages, nutrition advice, workout suggestions, and updates on new challenge groups. It’s a great community of like minded people.  Although we LOVE Beachbody programs and nutritional supplements there is NO obligation to buy anything to participate in our groups and we would love for you to check out our page if you are interested!

Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Laurie Baker is a Chicago Boudoir Photographer and has a commercial studio space in Homer Glen, Illinois.  You can read more about her studio here.  She offers beauty and boudoir sessions to women in the Naperville, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge, Frankfort, New Lenox, and surrounding areas.  She offers professional hair and makeup and works with an all female team.  You can read more about her boudoir sessions here.

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