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August 3, 2017

Naperville Newborn Photographer | Chicago Studio | Natural Newborn


Naperville Newborn Photographer | Chicago Photo Studio | Natural Newborn 

Tips for posing newborns naturally

  • Capture movement in your images  Yes newborns move constantly!  They stretch, squirm, and arch their backs.  Step back and document them.
  • Pay attention to the details.  I always listen to parents tell me “I love that dimple chin, or I love their forehead wrinkle”.  Take that information and capture it for them, I assure you it will be their favorite images.
  • Notice each newborns special features that make them so unique and talk about them with parents.  You will often times hear me tell parents “I love his hair swirl, or I love how her ear is curved”. Sometimes, mom and dad haven’t even noticed that feature on their new baby.
  • Gently guide the baby into ‘poses’.  If a baby naturally curls their legs I will gently pose them and prop their bum up with a support blanket.  Or if the baby is stretching their arms up above their head, I will gently wrap the baby so they are naturally curved in a ‘C’ shape.  I let the baby lead the session the entire time which allows for natural movement and transitions between posing.
  • Have your camera ready and nearby at ALL times for yawns and sneezes.  Is there anything cuter than a ‘gazuntite’ photo?
  • Incorporate parents and siblings hands into the images.  One of the most common natural pose I show in my portfolio is mom and dad’s hands gently resting on the side or on top of the newborn.  This showcases how tiny they really are in the hands of their parents.
  • Enjoy every part of the session, from beginning to the end.  Honestly, if you love what you do your clients will have an amazing experience.  Newborn photography isn’t for everyone and that is okay!  Find a niche you love and enjoy shooting it! I absolutely love love love newborn photography. I always have and I strongly believe my newborn sessions run smoothly because I am calm and happy to be at every session.


Naperville Newborn Photographer Elle Baker Photography captures yawning newborn photo in black and white


Naperville Newborn Photographer

Laurie is Chicago’s premier newborn photographer and has a photography studio in Homer Glen, Illinois 60491.  Naperville newborn photographer.  Her studio is filled with beautiful window light and a large shooting area.  Her studio is available for rent to photographers and creatives alike.  Please visit her “studio share” page here.  To see more of her newborn portfolio check out the ‘portfolio’ tab.

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