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March 1, 2018

Baby Photographer in Naperville, IL | Elle Baker Photography | Baby M

Baby Photographer in Naperville, IL

You might recognize this adorable baby and family from some previous posts on my Instagram page and blog! I just can’t get enough of this sweet baby!  Her milestone session is one of my favorites to date and I had such a fun time!  As a baby photographer in Naperville, IL and southwest suburbs of Chicago, I am so thankful when clients travel to see me at my studio.  This family drove four hours, one snowy February weekend to celebrate this baby’s special milestone!  She showed us how she can roll over, sit up completely unsupported,  and grasp her toys.

Try not to smile!

This girl had the sweetest smile and just lit up the room with her personality.  Here are just a few of my favorites from our session together!  Enjoy ‘W’ family!


Laurie Baker is a Baby Photographer in Naperville, IL and she photographs a baby with dark hair laying on a pink blanket baby girl on a pink blanket with dark hair holding onto her toes baby discovers her toes laying on a blanket in a white studio baby girl smiling up to her mom and grasping her toes during her milestone session

baby girl smiling and holding her toes baby looking over her shoulder, posing ideas for baby sessions baby girl with a full head of dark hair holds her hands while laying on a blanket Elle Baker Photography captures baby girl kicking up her feet baby girl smiling at photographer six month milestone session with a baby girl laying on a pink blanket holding her toes

black and white image of a baby holding her toes in a diaper

baby girl laughing as she is tickled by her mom

Elle Baker Photography studio captures simple and clean baby photography

mom snuggles her six month old baby girl mother kisses her six month old baby girl with dark hair mom smiles at baby girl while she holds her close black and white image of a baby girl grasping her belly baby girl with dark hair giggles during her milestone session baby girl laughs while holding her tummy, she has dark hair and is wearing a diaper

baby girl lays on a blush colored blanket in a white studio in Naperville IL baby girl laughs and sticks out her tongue while grasping her feetbaby girl lays on a blanket while kicking up her feet, posing idea for milestone session

This girl showed off her rolling skills!

baby girl lays on back and begins to roll over baby girl shows how she can roll over baby milestone session where a baby rolls over and smiles at the camera baby asian girl with dark hair rolls over

baby girl with dark black hair smiles as her blonde mom holds her mother with light hair kisses baby girl with dark hair posing idea for mother and daughter

baby girl chewing on a toy wearing a white diaper baby girl has beautiful black long hair baby girl chews on toy during her milestone session in a white studio close up photo of a little girl chewing on a teether toy cute photo of baby girl with dark hair and teether close up of baby girl chewing on toy

baby girl with dark hair looks up at the camera

baby girl with a tank top and belly showing holds moms hands mom holds little baby's hands baby girl with her belly showing in a green tank top and white diaper mom holding baby's hands and looking down at her smiling black and white image of a baby girl looking up at her mom

baby laying on tummy in a white and neutral studio baby showing how she can roll over

family of three holding their little girl in the air mom and dad holding their little girl family of three with baby girl smiling dad holding his little baby girl in the air and smiling dad holding baby girl wearing a white shirt in the air smiling

baby girl hugging her dad family of three, mom and dad kissing baby girl on the cheek at the same time mom and dad kissing baby girl on the cheek at the same time mom and daughter posing in white studio in Homer Glen IL mom and daughter hold hands mother holding daughter in a white neutral simple studio

How to prepare for your baby milestone session?

I am asked this question all the time!  How do I prepare for the session?  I have a list of recommendations I send to every client, but I’ll go over a few here!  If you are still nursing, try to avoid gassy foods the night before and morning of the session.  This will help little bellies feel their best!  The morning of the session, bathe the baby and wash their hair to avoid ‘bed head’.  I suggest arriving to the session ten minutes early!  This allows for the baby to take a peek around and get used to the space and have a snack before their big session!  I always encourage parents to relax on the couch.  So many times, mom and dad stand right behind me and it forces the babe to look up instead of at my camera.  And finally, have fun and enjoy this experience!  your baby isn’t a baby for long!

Baby Milestone Sessions

My spring and summer calendar is now open! If you are interested in scheduling a baby or family session visit my INVESTMENT page to get all of my pricing details!  I have a lovely baby plan package as well as mini and full session options!

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