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October 26, 2017

5 Tips on How to Shoot During Sunset | Chicago newborn and family photographer | L Family Sneak Peek

This special evening was just beautiful with this family.  We spent our time together laughing, playing, and chatting in the open field.  The sun had a warm glow which was incredible.  Enjoy this sneak peek “L” family!

Below I have listed 5 tips on how to shoot during sunset! I hope you find it helpful as you explore the beautiful world of shooting during the golden hour!

5 Tips on how to shoot during sunset | A golden hour session with a woman and her newborn baby.5 Tips on how to shoot during sunset | A golden hour session with a family walking into the sunset5 Tips on how to shoot during sunset | A golden hour session with a woman and her newborn baby.

Hello!  I am Laurie Baker, photographer behind Elle Baker Photography and I am so happy you are here to learn a little about shooting during sunset!  I have some tips and suggestions on how you can make your next sunset session perfect!  You can read more ABOUT me and my style of work and if you feel a connection with my work, I would love to hear from you!

Abendrot : (n.) the color of the sky when the sun is setting

What is ‘golden hour’ ?

Golden hour is the short (magical) time that takes place about an hour before sunset or after sunrise.  During this time the sun creates soft, orange hues and a warm glow on your subject.  In my opinion, it is the best and most beautiful time of day to shoot at.  I always meet my clients about an hour and a half before sunset to allow for some extra time to prepare for this awesome time of day.

5 Tips on How to Shoot During Sunset

  1. Shoot during the ‘golden hour’ and use a sunrise and sunset calculator to find out exact times.  Check out SunCalc.
  2. Find a location that is open and doesn’t obstruct the sunset like an open field or park.  This allows for a beautiful glow around your subjects and the sky will be filled with a warm glow.
  3. Set your white balance to cloudy or daylight or play around with warmer Kelvin settings.
  4. Use a reflector when you are shooting back-lit images.  I use this one to help diffuse harsh light and bounce light back into my subjects faces.
  5. Experiment with front (direct) lighting.  This type of lighting is absolutely gorgeous as the sun falls evenly across your subjects face.


Laurie Baker offers maternity, newborn, outdoor family lifestyle sessions, in studio family sessions, baby milestones, and boudoir photography at her Homer Glen, IL studio.  Her gorgeous natural light studio is located not far from Chicago and she services the southern suburbs.  

If you are interested in working with Laurie or have general questions feel free to fill out the CONTACT form and she will be in touch soon!

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